The Acceptance – My Faith Restored and the Power of Prayers

Accepting the fact that the strong-willed and independent individual I was turned into a helpless young woman trapped inside a sickly half-paralyzed body, was never easy. I dwelled in denial for a while. It was hard to believe that I was incapacitated overnight. I needed the help of some people and I was lucky it didn’t take long for them to come along.
I woke up one morning ( just a few days from when I was released out of the hospital), with a group of strangers in my room. They were composed of less than ten middle-aged and noble looking women. My mind was filled with wonder until I spotted a familiar face among them, she was the Pastor’s wife who lives a few blocks away. We have met in several occations and one of my aunts seems to be well acquainted with her. She smiled at me the moment she caught me staring at her and approached me. It was then that my questions came answered. She brought a circle of her church peers being requested by my mother for a Healing Prayer.
I willingly agreed as I no longer didn’t know who to turn to or what to do. We started with an opening prayer, studied some bible verses and some of them testified about how they were healed by the great power of the Lord. The discussion lasted for about two hours and we ended with a healing prayer. I was moved by their different stories and for some reason I felt a bit of a comfort though I was still feeling depressed and confused.
When I was left alone, I began to think. I started to evaluate my spiritual being and I embarrased myself. I coudn’t even remember the last time I went to Church. I was baptized in a Catholic church when I was a baby. I recalled being a Church choir member back in the province where I grew up, when I was young. then I suddenly stopped and I coudn’t even remember when and why. I didn’t lose my belief because I still prayed at times. I still acknowledged God’s presence but my level of faith and spiritual practice died down. I was lost.
I realized God’s grace to have found me and sent His angels to bring me back. He gave me a second chance to correct my mistakes. Right then and there I made a decision, I accepted God’s offer. I accepted the challenge of my situation. I knew I will not be a victim. The greatest Healer has come to renew my physical, emotional and spiritual strength.
From that moment on the Healing Prayer group came regularly every Thursday morning. In fact, upon writing this, they have just left. I have become closer to God since then. I wouldn’t say I read the Bible everyday but I have developed a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him.

Psalms 103:3
Who forgives all your iniquities; who heals all your diseases;

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