Strocit :Post stroke exercises Smart Phone App

capMoving around safely and easily may not be something you think about, unless you’ve had a stroke. Many stroke survivors have trouble moving around. These problems range from balance issues to arm or leg paralysis. As a result, about 40 percent of stroke survivors have serious falls within a year of their strokes. But, there is good news. Rehab therapy along with regular exercise may improve your balance and ability to move.
The most common physical effect of stroke is muscle weakness. Survivors often work with therapists to restore muscle strength through exercise programs. They also learn skills to deal with the loss of certain body movements.
The post stroke exercise mobile app illustrates exercise programs
adapted from National Stroke Association. The app features exercises in video animation format along with easy to follow steps, thus offers an unique experience and excellent visual communication tool. Moreover these exercises are presented in 11 regional languages.

There are two exercise programs illustrated in the apps. The first is for the person whose physical abilities have been mildly affected by the stroke. The second is for those with greater limitations. If you are not sure which one is appropriate, consult the profile that precedes each program.
As with any exercise program, consult with your doctor and/or therapist before beginning this program. If any exercises are too difficult and cause pain or increase stiffness in your limbs, do not do them.

Source: Google Playstore

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