How I got to walk again! – My first step as an adult.

So since I’ve got an ample time today, I have decided to continue writing my story after getting complains coming from some of my readers that the past entries have left them curious as to what happened next. So here, the wait is over guys!
Before leaving the hospital, I have been referred to a rehabilitation doctor at a hospital not very far from were I live. I was too eager to start with the therapy that I kept asking my mother to go check on him, the moment I got home. I couldn’t wait to get started with the therapy, I was full of hope! So, no one was more excited than me when the day came for my Rehab consultation!
I was a bit taken a back when the Doctor told me that we have to take the rehab therapy slowly since the cause of my stroke was Brain Aneurysm. He said I can’t force myself to do strenuous activities until I have not gotten a brain angiogram so he could check if there are still aneurysms left in my brain and in that case, I maybe endorsed to undergo an open – brain surgery so they can stop the aneurysm from rupture by clipping.
Aside from the fact that the brain angiogram costed a bit too much than I could afford at that moment, I couldn’t get my courage to do it as a lot of scary possibilities came to me. Morbid thoughts like a failing procedure ending up to worst cases like me being a vegetable-unable to recover forever, or maybe even dead just wouldn’t leave my mind! And,just imagine how I feared needles! Childish I know but that was just me.
So after my Recovery Management was prepared, not sure about how they call it, the Physical Therapist (PT)agreed to give me a home service thrice a week. So that’s every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He(the Rehab Doctor) also prescribed a, well,I guess popular supplement called NeuroAid, which was kinda cozy….My therapist was pretty, nice and kind. I guess the latter two are at least the requirements for the job. But I was pleased that she was very patient. She would share stories with me during our sessions and I would always look forward to the next…
My exercises were simple and easy that my family members could do it to me during the days I didn’t meet her (the PT).When I started on my recovery, I just felt thankful that I have a very supportive group of people around me especially my family. I am also very grateful for having wonderful friends from high-school. The moment I told them about what has happened and asked for help they didn’t have any second thoughts. Some of them are working abroad. They contributed to assist me on my financial expenses and a small group came to visit. Here are some pictures:

Taken May 2015! Who says I couldn't enjoy summer?!
Taken May 2015 with my big happy family! Who says I couldn’t enjoy summer?!
A group of people I wouldn't want traded for anything!
My High-school friends: A group of people I wouldn’t want traded for anything!

A positive environment is essential to stroke recovery especially during the initial stage. Encouragement greatly affects the motivation of a stroke survivor to reach his/her full recovery potential. As a stroke survivor myself I can testify how real the struggle is to have lost a part of your physical being and it is indeed necessary to have an unlimited source of hope.
Well, I am very proud to say that I have gotten more than enough assistance and positivism I could get and in about 7 weeks I was able to start walking with a cane! What an incomparable feeling of happiness I felt.
That’s it for now…..

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