A Week of Distress

Never in my life have I stayed longer than three hours in a hospital except for that very singular moment and I hope it never occurs again for I always have that uncomfortable jumpy feeling towards the place. It’s ironic that I feel restless whenever I am inside such a facility. So when Stroke was officially confirmed by the physician on duty, I was recommended to stay for one torture-some week of observation. And to make things worst,  they had attached an Oxygen to my nose trills and I had to bear  a dreaded needle stuck at the the back of my right hand for the dextrose and some medicine to pass through. Oh how terrible could that be for someone who doesn’t even want to spend a minute in a hospital. Given the fact that I had no choice I decided to just accept the circumstance and began diverting my thoughts to what will happen next. I had family members coming over in rotation to take care of me. It was a very upsetting not being able to move unexpectedly for such an independent person I was. I hated being dependent wherein someone has to help me grab a drink. I felt very exhausted and helpless as days gone by. My left side was totally numb and tingling the whole day like I was being electrified non-stop. It felt very heavy too that I couldn’t position my self facing right on the bed because I would easily feel very tired.That thing, the doctors call Nerve Pain was killing me.

The doctors prescribed two kinds of medicine for it, which names I still clearly recall as I have not stopped taking one of them up to this moment, the grams I forgot though. Gabix (Gabapentin) the one I am still taking now and the one I stopped taking cause it wasn’t as effective as the first, Pregabalin.

I also had to take something called Citicoline for the damaged brain cells which was kind of expensive as it costed like more than 100 pesos per tablet and there was even a time I had to take it like 3 times a day for about 2-3 months. What an expenditure it was!

After a week of suffering in  the sick bay, I was finally relieved that I was discharged and moved back home…..

Thanks for reading! ‘Till my next blog post!

*Stroke Humor : Since I hated needles for some reason, I asked the nurse to move the dextrose needle to my left hand where I couldn’t feel anything. Being numbed at that, had its benefit after all. (wink*)

2 thoughts on “A Week of Distress

  1. Philip Davey

    Can really appreciate your dislike of being dependent! I hated asking nurses for help to get out of bed and take me to the loo or such. In fact, the nurses used to call me the man who falls down! Because from their nurses station they could hear me crashing to the floor when I tried it on my own. After all I thought I could do it yesterday! Why not now? How long does it take for this to wear off! (still waiting…lol) Took a little time for it to sink in it is more than just ‘wearing off’. You would have thought I would have known better as I worked in a hospital so no stranger to people after a stroke! Mind you, not surprising as after my stroke I tried to get off my bed and landed in a crumpled heap on the floor. Could not make out whose arm I landed on! I could not feel it so knew it wasn’t mine.Was also very put out when my partner at the time would not make me a bacon butty before calling for a doctor/ ambulance. Knew I would be in hospital for hours, obviously, and didn’t want to starve! Such Fun!


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