Why so serious?

==>>As I was pushing my wheelchair-bound son along the river bank, some men came past on a rowing boat and one shouted “Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!”
Fucking insensitive cox.

==>>I’ve cancelled the over 70s bowling tournament this year.
Last time we had more strokes than strikes.

==>>My mother in law started groaning at me the other day and looking at me with a squinty eye. She then dragged herself around a bit swinging one arm and reaching at me with the other, still groaning and making primate-like noises. It then struck me that she was doing an excellent impression on an ape, so I laughed and joined in with the fun, jumping around doing a typical monkey impression. My wife then came in, saw what we were doing and joined in. Now there were three of us, arsing around the house doing monkey impressions. My mother in law got tired after about five minutes and slumped down on the couch with her eyes closed looking knackered.

Probably should have realized that she was having a stroke.

Source: Sickipedia

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