Grow New Brain Cells

Brain cells called neurons have always been known to not regenerate when destroyed or die, unlike other cells of the human body. Stroke is one of the top causes of brain injury, and there has been a lot of study and research on how to get a high  recovery rating if not full. One of the best  results there is so far is the neuroplasticity which is being used widely nowadays to enhance stroke recovery. Apparently, brain regrowth is possible and one of the best aids to it has always been around.

Taurine Helps in  Brain cell Regeneration


Taurine, a little-known amino acid,72 can do the seemingly impossible: stimulate new brain cells to grow in adult brains. This capability creates an entirely new paradigm for the ways we think about age-related cognitive decline, and even major neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Taurine levels fall as we age, leaving our brains relatively unprotected. Taurine levels are low in people with age-related brain disorders. Animal studies reveal that supplementation can not only restore youthful taurine levels, but also improves deficits in memory and cognition.

Taurine also has a fundamental connection with longevity, particularly related to cardiovascular disorders. Animal studies demonstrate protection against heart disease with taurine supplementation, and human studies show that supplementation produces dramatic improvements in heart and blood vessel function.

People with metabolic syndrome have lower taurine levels than their healthy peers; again, taurine supplementation drives down the detrimental effects of metabolic syndrome while inducing changes that reduce the syndrome’s long-term impact on cardiovascular risk.

A balanced supplement program should aim at restoring youthful levels of nutrients known to counteract the chemical stresses, inflammatory changes, and toxic exposures we experience through life. The evidence for the amino acid taurine suggests that it be included in such a regimen

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Source: Life Extension – Stay Healthy Live Better

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