My Stroke Victory – Stories to Inspire You

It hasn’t been a  month since I have joined several stroke survivor support groups online and I already am overwhelmed by countless  stories I’ve been coming across with.I for myself have my own story to tell which I haven’t yet completed at the moment, as I still am in the middle of my stroke recovery journey. I must admit I felt more appreciative of even the smallest good thing I still posses, having read my fellow survivors’ experiences and struggles. Being a survivor myself makes me understand how difficult it is, not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well, to go through everyday challenges brought about by our brain injury.

Most of us are emotionally burdened by the fact that sometimes we get misunderstood by some people especially by our family. It is during these times that we keep our thoughts and feelings to ourselves and usually prefer to be alone and stay quiet. It is during these moments that we need encouragement and inspiration the most.

Here is simple e-book  for everyone to read in your alone time when all you want is a peaceful quiet environment…. I hope this can help you in a way… Enjoy Reading!

Just click this  => My_Stroke_Victory

Source: Stroke Association

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