Amanda Cone Motes’ Story

Amanda is one of the heads of one of the biggest support group I am a member in. When I saw this post of her in that group, I just thought that it would be very helpful and inspiring to our fellow fighters around the globe. So I asked her permission if I can post it here and well, she didn’t hesitate and said yes!

So here it is:

Sitting here looking at posts my mind wandered a little!! Thinking over my life and why I want to give hope to others!!! I have been through Hell and fought my way back and my goal in life now us for others to see there is always hope!!!! Then comes acceptance!!! If you never walk again accept it and keep hope alive there is still so much people fighting disabilities can do to lead full lives!!! Strive for this: I lost my husband about eight years ago to cancer within a week of being diagnosed he was gone!!! Seven weeks later lost my precious grandson to SIDS!! I have suffered drug/alcohol addiction had kids put in jail for drugs with bonds I couldn’t cover. This breaks a parents heart seeing their baby locked up!!!! I have raised five kids several grand-kids and still raising kids and grand-kids!! Having two strokes that paralyzed me I almost gave in. Then my inner strength kicked in and I made it!!! I am 97% back!!! I feel like we’re here for a reason and mine is to help other survivors get there!! We are gonna be depressed, then elated, in constant pain it can turn your world upside down!!!!!! I’m sure if I can’t help someone here can!!! So to make a short story long that’s why I started this group that you all have made!!!! Hope we continue to grow!!!!! Group Hug

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