Perispinal Etanercept : Too good to be true!

This is an update to my earlier post on Etanercept Treatment which promises to reverse the stroke effects even after years of occurrence.  In our search for immediate cure and recovery we tend to easily believe in new offers just to feel better again and get back to our normal physical and mental state. I have captured some comments on this Etanercept thing after posting it on several support groups I joined and I’m glad I did, otherwise I might not have gotten this useful information to share to everyone. I just do not understand why there are people who try to take advantage of our already frustrating and difficult situation. Let us just be vigilant when it comes to treatment and medications offered to us.

Here are the captured comments:

Comment 1

Comment 2

Comment 4

Comment 3
warning for a product called Dr. Wheatgrass

note: I have to cover the names of the people who commented to protect their identity as they are private individuals.

Here’s are some reviews of Dr. Edward L. Tobinick – who claims to be doing the study on the Perispinal Etanercept treatment:

– by John S. on Nov 9th, 2014

Everything that the people said in the negative reviews below are true. This man is taking advantage of people that would be willing to do anything to have the pain taken away or have a little hope put back into their recovery. I took my mom there who had a stroke 3 years ago. He showed no concern about her medical history… only our finances. I cried my eyes out when I left that office. He is really good at giving people hope, but thank God we were able to see right through him. DO NOT GO THERE AND DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY… THEY ARE ONLY THERE TO ROB YOU BLIND. I’M SURPRISED HE IS STILL AROUND

– I took my father to Dr. Tobinick after reading an article in the Sun Sentinel about his “breakthrough” treatment for stroke patients. After sitting in a conference room watching a video of the “miracles” resulting from this treatment, we waited several hours before Dr. Tobinick told us that my dad was the perfect candidate for treatment. They video tape the entire treatment like something revolutionary is happening while applauding the changes they see in the patient, when in fact, the treatment had done nothing to improve my dad’s condition! Dr. Tobinick then suggested that my father return for a second treatment so he can reap the full benefits of this revolutionary procedure. Each treatment costs $5,000! In addition, Dr. Tobinick does not even have a background in neurology…he is a dermatologist. This is a complete scam.

Read more reviews 

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One thought on “Perispinal Etanercept : Too good to be true!

  1. Philip Davey

    Thank you Vermarie for all your time and effort in researching these articles. I truly appreciate your work and always read something of interest.


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