Why You Need Lots of Sleep after Stroke


Sleep is one of the most important ingredients in any stroke rehabilitation regimen. Without good sleep, you won’t have the energy or motivation to pursue your rehab exercises.

Do you constantly feel tired after experiencing a stroke?

Do you sleep a lot after stroke and worry that it’s abnormal?

Don’t worry – it’s completely normal! Your brain has sustained a serious injury and now it needs lots of rest in order to repair and rewire itself. In fact, your brain normally uses 20% of your energy, and that percentage only increases when it’s busy trying to fix itself.

Why Sleep Is Oh-So Important?

Sleep is necessary for a healthy brain. When we sleep, our brain gets a chance to clean itself up and flush out toxic moleculesthat build up during waking hours. If we don’t get enough sleep and these toxins continue to build up in our brain, it could lead to neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Sleep Helps Improve Movement Recovery after Stroke

Sleep also helps your brain store information related to motor tasks. During REM sleep, your brain turns short-term memories about muscle movement into long-term memories that become stored in the part of the brain that’s in charge of muscle activity. Essentially, sleep helps your brain remember those movements that you’ve been practicing all day. So if sleeping is the only thing that you want to do after you finish your rehabilitation exercises, rest assured. You’re doing your body a great service!

Take It from a Stroke Survivor

Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuroscientist who experienced a huge stroke, wrote a book about her 8-year stroke recovery and all the lessons she learned. One of  those lessons was the incredible importance of getting plenty of sleep after stroke. In fact, it’s her top recommendation for healing! Take it from a stroke-surviving neuroscientist – sleep is important!

Now that you how crucial good sleep is for stroke recovery, do you feel less guilty about getting all those zzz’s? We hope so.

Do you know someone who feels weird about how much they sleep after stroke? Share this article with them so that they know they’re doing things right.

Source: Flint Rehabilitation Devices

8 thoughts on “Why You Need Lots of Sleep after Stroke

  1. Bruc

    I was using gabapentin after my stroke and I was sleeping 17-19 hrs aday my Dr put me back in hospital for 10 days and weeded me off of it and I feel a lot better


    1. I am have been using gabapentin for my nerve pain and still do but in lower dosage and just when I can’t bear it these days. Yeah it makes me sleepy so I take it 30 minutes before going to bed i take a nap when I take it during the day.


  2. Lisa

    I had a SAH in 2004, I had a blood clot in my brain I didn’t have surgery but was put in a morphibe induced coma for two weeks And had to come back two weeks later ! I had blood on my brain for two weeks they could not tell me why and said I would be alright! I was 38 and now 50 I continue to have headaches and leg pain! I have Fibromyaligia, I lost 4 months of my life I will never get back but my family helped me especially my sister ! I had to Learn to walk and teach my self things over they said they didn’t except me t live that I was a miracle ! I have learned to live with the pain in my legs walking and working out helps but the headaches don’t seem to want to go away’ I take Nurroton for leg pain and Topmax and Motron for headaches and sometimes I go to the hosiptal to get a shot they are so bad , I got to have a MRI this Thursday they have gotten so bad but I thank God that I am alive and try to live everyday the best I can ! I get frustrated but when I look at what I been through and where I once was I consider myself very lucky! I really don’t care what people think they know about brain injury or how long it takes to get over one ! I say if you ever go through one then you can tell me how long it takes to overcome a brain injury ! I really like to know, because once u have one it’s like a dominio effect falling all around you! Thank you God for the ones that understand and care and for the ones you don’t they don’t matter and never will! It’s about me and my life I got to love this life and no one else! You are either s part of it or you are don’t exist ! Happeness comes from within not from someone else!


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