Pops Fassett’s Story

BLESSINGS! Today is wondrous day, as we are alive! I am grateful for what blessings I have! I just got done taking a shower. That, in itself, is really a no big deal. After all, I’ve been doing it for almost 65 years. But, in 2008 I’d had a stroke. Then in 2010 had another one, then in 2011 a third, really bad one, then a month later after a neck operation to unclog arteries, another one, then in Dec. of 2012 a 5th one. With each one my abilities diminished and I had to invent different ways to bathe myself by myself (not that my wonderful wife, my caregiver, wouldn’t, but you have to strive to be self sufficient). Like…. teeth. Full dentures. My left hand was numb and couldn’t move, how on earth was i going to get that done? Well, my wife brought me up a bottle brush she’d used for the grandkids with a suction cup on the end. Slapped that on the sink, wet my dentures with my right hand, scrubbed them up on the bristles and rinsed them off, then laid them on a towel to squeeze a line of denture glue on them and stuck them in my mouth, all with my ‘now’ “good” right hand! Got ‘er done! Then, shaving…. my son got me an electric shaver so I could shave right-handed. Then, take a shower. Reached most all parts where i could, rinsed off and got out. Threw my towel over my back and dried myself good enough. Put on cologne to cover up anything I may have missed and DONE! If you can Conceive it and Believe it, then you can Achieve it! The Power of Possibility Thinking (Dr. Robert Schuller). So, i’d had 5 strokes. And yes, I am disabled, lost most all of my thinking cap. But, there’s still a whole lotta rest of me that I can still get at least some part of me functioning, if even only a little bit! Dang, time for a nap….

One thought on “Pops Fassett’s Story

  1. Dr Ashok Kumar

    Blessings do work but as because I suffered this dreaded disease and now I can say there is scientific cause behind this can be treated or prevented.


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