Cheri Twoboys Hicks’ Story

At 37, I was due to deliver my second baby. At my last prenatal visit, my BP was running slightly high so my OB decided to take him via c-section that day. It went perfect. When my son was 8 days old I had a thunderclap headache and began skirting my words. We had suspicions that it was a spinal headache from spinal anesthesia so we were instructed to go get a CT scan and get admitted into the delivering hospital the CT scan came back on remarkable and none of the doctors knew what was wrong with me they got my blood pressure and headache under control I stayed one night in the hospital and was released on Thursday February 27th 2014. Thursday night was uneventful and went as normal I worked Friday, February 28th, 2014 and all the symptoms came back much more sudden and much more severe than the first. I was to go back to the delivery in hospital since they took care of it the first time I lay in the hospital bed and not in the doctor’s room literally scratching their chins trying to figure out what was wrong with me not until about a nurse asked me to smile did they know it was a stroke however I was laying in a hospital bed at a hospital that was not equipped to deal with brain injuries and they rushed me to another hospital and they had suspected an aneurysm but they could not deal with aneurysms either. All neuro hospitals in my area were diverting brain injury patients elsewhere because the beds were full finally I was able to get a bed at one of the best neuro hospitals in the area and just as I suspected the first incident was an aneurysm that expanded a little bit but did not burst, however, it weakened the vessel, and on that Friday morning the weakened vessel bled into a hemorrhagic stroke it ended up paralyzing the entire left side of my body. I underwent a decompressive craniectomy and had a head full of staples I have very little memory of all of this. These are details my husband told me later, But Here I am about 20 months post stroke and I am walking unassisted and I’m trying to get my arm back slowly but surely I feel like I’ve come a long way I have two kids two sons one age three and a half and one who is 20 months old they are what keep me going sorry to write a book but I wanted you to know who I am and what has happened to me.

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