Stroke Humor (Funny Stroke Jokes and Stories)

Man Suffers a Stroke and Loses the Ability to Feel Sad

Man Suffers a Stroke and Loses the Ability to Feel Sad
Malcolm Myatt, 68, had a stroke. It affected the frontal lobe of his brain, which is the part of the brain that governs emotions. As a result, he’s lost the ability to feel sad. Experts say it is not uncommon for strokes to cause psychological, emotional, and behavioral changes.

The retired lorry driver said, “I am never depressed. Being sad wouldn’t help anything anyway. I would definitely rather be happy all the time than the other way round. It’s an advantage really.”

ANGER: It helps recovery!

Quick funny stroke survivor story. This comes from an OT who told it at one of my stroke recovery seminars.

“I had this guy, he was a right hemi and totally expressively aphasic but could understand everything. I kept telling him that he had to move his right arm. “You gotta move it or it wont get better.’ 

He got so frustrated with me he would just keep giving me the finger. “It wont get better unless you use it!’ Finger. ‘How are you going to get it back if you don’t use it?’ Finger.

So finally I said, “Tell you what: You can give me the finger all you want, but you got to do it with your right hand.”

So, apparently he goes home and spends all night trying to get that finger up and sure enough… the next day he walks in to the gym and gives me the finger with the right hand! And I was like, “THAT’S GREAT! Now we have something to work with!’

And everyone looked at us like we were crazy.”


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