The Unheard Voices of Real Life Warriors – A collection of true to life stories by Stroke/Brain Injury survivors


Little did I know, that in my attempt to give inspiration, hope,  and motivation to my fellow survivors through this blog, I was the one inspired and uplifted by different stories I came across with in the several support groups I joined. Every one has his/her own inspirational journey which I want to share to as many people (the survivors and their carers alike)as possible . I created this page for everyone of us to read and share our own heroic battle against brain injury and how we are fighting our way to recovery. How our life has changed after stroke and how better can it become.

Disclaimer: Any mention of faith in any of the stories doesn’t necessarily promote my or the author’s religious belief. We respect each other’s religion and we do not condone any harsh comments or hurtful reactions. Please, let us be gentle and kind to one another no matter what our beliefs are. The sole purpose of this page is to promote hope and encouragement, not misunderstandings or any sort of religious war.
Thank you everyone and enjoy reading!

Note: All the stories published in this page were shared and permitted by the owners with their heartfelt willingness to give encouragement and enthusiasm to everyone. You can also share your own story by sending them to my email: or my Facebook account: Let’s walk hand in hand on the road of Hope and Recovery!

Amanda Ferguson’s Story

I want to tell you about the day of my stroke.You need to be aware that it could happen to you…..Friday,September 3 rd 2010 was just another ordinary day except that I was tired.I had been up for most of the night with an horrendous headache,the kind pain killers don’t work on.The week leading up to this day holds few memories for me.People have told me,I was suffering from a cold and nursing a sore neck.The weather was stormy.After school,I was planning tea out with my Sister In Law on the phone.I had to stop talking as I was starting to feel dizzy.I fell to the floor and didn’t want anyone to touch me.I should have known something ‘big’was about to happen.I had lost 10 kts,had been afflicted by many skin conditions.My nerves were short circuiting.I was teary all the time; something had to give.The pressure in my life was building so too was the pressure in my brain…… I know this is a personal topic but ever since my stroke I have tried to find my faith in something.I have attempted to read the Bible but can’t relate to it.Ive decided that my religion is going to be kindness.I will try to be a kind,loving person and won’t intentionally hurt anyone.I will make it my mission to do only good in this world.

Lisa Law’s Story

I had a hemorrhagic stroke at age 25, I had a headache that felt like someone had chopped into my head with an axe. Within minutes I was unconscious and was in a medically induced coma for twelve days. When I woke up I had lost all use of my left side, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t read, I didn’t recognize my family, the doctors only gave me a 25% chance of surviving and were told that I would never walk again if I did “make” it, and that I would have no chance of a normal life.
Well here I am age 50 and my stroke is now half my life time ago. While there are still ongoing problems, I walk funny, but I walk, sometimes I talk funny (people ask where my accent is from) but I do talk A LOT, I read every book I can, While there are many things I can’t, there are so many that I can. do I can love my family, I picnic like a princess. I work voluntary in our little community fundraising, I attempt everything and succeed at some but have a go,
I can’t run or swim or anything that requires me to move my body in a rhythmic motion, my balance is shot, I stagger ( like I’ve had a few drinks too many. I have interrupted feeling on my left side, some days none other days constant pins and needles. I feel the cold very badly..
I can remember how to do things like knit but my brain no longer tells my fingers properly, My vision is affected as well as my hearing, glasses and hearing aids. I don’t drive. My life is not what it was before but it is good, very good, I have an amazing husband, we had only been married seven years when my stroke happened, 33 years now we’ve been married. He is my rock although his parents and some family thought he was ruining his life by staying with me. We have tried to follow our dreams and pretty much we have, we now live on a 16 acre hobby farm and I am a legend on the quad bike, so says my four year old grandson, but he thinks I ride too slow. We did up an old bus and spent four years travelling our beautiful country. While there are many I can’t do, there are so many that I can, LIFE IS GOOD, every day is a blessing.

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