For some reason, I recently developed a habit of thinking through and evaluating my past week’s activities every Monday. Sad to say, last week was not very satisfying. I was not able to do my physical exercises regularly, I broke my diet, and was not able to  teach properly because of stress. This was in no small way thanks to our very unreliable Internet and telephone service provider! The confusing schedule of students also added to my frustrations. It was indeed a very hectic week and I remember feeling so tired last Friday night that I couldn’t sleep and decided to watch a flick until dawn which I know did my health no favours at all.So after  a while of being immersed in my thoughts, I began to feel depressed. I blamed my inability to move freely and ‘normally’ for making me dysfunctional and ended up posting a long Facebook status as follows:

2015-09-07 23.03.34

“No matter how hard I try not to be consumed by my helpless situation, times like this come by every now and then when I would feel very frustrated and impatient especially when I can’t do something I need to…. Dumadating na sa punto na I would imagine kung natuluyan nalang ako hindi siguro ganito kahirap. Pero every single time there’s always someone from God who brings me hope..(It comes to a point when I would imagine if I had only died it may not have been this hard. But every single time, there’s always someone from God who brings me hope..) Someone who reminds me I am far better than a loser and life is wonderful. Whatever it was that led me to this is already in the past and I no longer live there. That everyone deserves a second chance; a chance to change and to appreciate every single thing I have ignored. Besides, I am surrounded by loving and wonderful people, not to mention a supportive family. Sad to say I am learning the lessonthe freaking hard way. But I believe I’ll be the best I could ever be after this…. Thank you Lord for everything and sana (hopefully), in times like this when I feel like I can no longer hold on please don’t let me go. Kayo na po bahala God (It’s all up to you now God). I trust your ways…. “

As expected, words of encouragement flooded in instantly but they didn’t actually change my heavy-hearted mood.

Then God whispered an idea: instead of idle thinking and ending up stressed and depressed, why not make myself busy doing something productive. And so I decided to start a Project; and this blog was born.

Apart from the fact that I am an amateur blogger and not gifted with a perfect vocabulary, I  try to keep it clear and accessible for all to understand. I initially started this to make myself busy while hopefully helping others who are struggling with similar experiences; either themselves or attempting to walk alongside a loved one who is taking a similar journey. I hope my journey to stroke recovery will serve as an inspiration to many. I want to be honest during the bad times, appreciate the good times and explain as best I can how I try to rationalize the two to make the very best of this wonderful life I’ve been given, whatever the difficulties. Recovery from a stroke takes courage and determination but can seem lonely at times. Let’s not lose hope for God is our Mighty Healer if we just keep our faith. Thank you for reading – you are not alone – and God bless us all…..

The Author

11822584_10153089340108932_3403771819406646563_n Miss Joie, 29, an amateur blogger. She had suffered left side paralysis after a hemorrhagic stroke in December of year 2014 due to Brain Aneurysm. This blog is her first and she made it to share her life changing experience to other stroke survivors. She’s originally an online ESL – English as Second Language instructor to foreign students for about seven years.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. barb0803

    Hi Miss Joie, Frustration makes it easy to become completely entangled in our own heads and pay no attention to the beauty God has inserted in our lives. A couple of comments: (1) what language is that that you lapse into? and (2) please don’t ever apologize for being an amateur blogger – we all start that way, and readers get that. Typos aren’t offensive either.


  2. Ardavan

    Dear Joie,

    I’m really happy that you could finally walk without your cane. My father had an stroke 10 month ago and we trird our best to hrlp him using physiotherapy and… He managed to walk with a cane but not a normal walking he has problem with his knee. Also he can’t move his left hand.

    My question is about the product Burer EM80, What program did you use on this product?for what parts of your leg or hand did you use it? Do you have a clip? Cause in the manual there is no suggestions for a person sufforing from stroke.

    Please send an email to me.

    Thanks a zillion


    1. Hello dear i am very sorry to reply so late. I use the machine for the nerve pain. And the program i use is ems. It helps to relieve the pain on the affected side. I am not authorized to be instructing you how to use it sadly but i would say you ask your doctor for the proper instruction dear… thankyou so much for your kind words and hope everything goes well…..


  3. Well hello my Dear Friend good to see you blogging you look so happy It is coming up on 2 years since I lost my love but I am learning that part of this daily living is to stay here for the people I have come to meet online and consider to be my stroke Survivor family.
    Thanks for the new tips I am putting this in my saved file as I find it is so much easier to find reference materials there…Michael W. Idell has his own group now http://WWW.ASBISG.org there is ONE FOR: STROKE SURVIVORS, BRAIN INJURY AND CAREGIVERS


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