Debbie Duffy Lavallee’s Story

I was 49 years old I went to Cuba for a week on vacation. 25 friends that I had know since I was like 15 we were all turning 50 that year so we decided to go to Cuba to celebrate. It was the 3rd morning we got up early cause we were supposed to take a bus tour of Havana that day but we had been to a show the night before lots of drinking a late night so my daughter Carolyn who was then 22 was staying in my room with me. She was really tired hung over & didn’t feel like getting up so like a mother, I said, “You stay in bed I’ll make the coffee so I went to get up to make the coffee but sat right back down on the bed didn’t feel well can’t really say what was wrong with me I just didn’t feel well. I stayed there for a few minutes then I got up went to the bathroom to fill the coffee pot with water & fell down I was having the stroke I was unconscious this is just what other people tell me. so they called an ambulance but I was in such bad shape the ambulance was afraid to take me to the hospital as it was an hour away so they took me to the nearest clinic who said that I was dehydrated from drinking & not eating all day ( their version of what tourist do )so they gave me intravenous of water & sugar when I didn’t get any better they sent me to the hospital where they told everyone I had had a stroke still unconscious I stayed in the hospital in Cuba for 3 days at which point now I was in & out of a coma every 2 minutes. They sent an air ambulance to Cuba to get me which Cuba induced me into a coma to stop my body from stressing on the way home when I got home I was in the neuro hospital for 22 days when they transferred me to a Rehab center where I lived for 7 weeks then I went to a another Rehab as an outpatient for a year. In the hospital in Montreal they rated my stroke severe I was completely paralyzed on my left side from my eye right down to my toes. the neurologist in the hosp said my stroke was cause by a bacteria that had lodged in my heart valved cause the blood clot … & well you know the rest he also said what happened to me happens to 1/50000000 but I can’t win the lotto go figure… & your story
How did I find God in all this ?? Because in my head I was so sick it was impossible for me to heal as well as what I did without some kind of divine intervention so I went to church one day to thank God & praise him for what he did for me & by listening to the minister preach I stated to love Him & decide to live my life the best I could God’s way thru Jesus & I’m very very happy in my life now if you saw me today you wouldn’t know that I had stroke most of my disabilities are mental like I have no filters so I say inappropriate things all the time, have a lot of unnecessary fear lost the dexterity in my fingers.

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