Foot Drop Remedies

I want to share this very simple exercise that helped me regain my ankle movement.I have to say that prior to doing this, I had no ankle movement at all which hindered me from walking with ease and proper posture. I hope you find this helpful.

Ankle exercise for foot drop:

1. Sit down on a chair with a back rest. Your body must be at 90 degree angle to your lap.

2. Try to raise your affected leg but stop it with your working hand from going up.(Maintain the 90 degree posture with bended knee while doing this.)Your must see your foot pointing upward.

3.Make as many repetitions as you can every day.
* If your leg straightens as you try to raise it, you can get someone to hold it for you.
*If you are not strong enough to hold your leg down on your own, you can ask for assistance.
I have proven this exercise to be effective in activating my ankle movement but it could be too strenuous to others so I strongly recommend that you get an advise from your physician if you are strong enough already to do it.

For those of you who can’t do the above exercise just yet, I have this  foot drop assist (which by the way was also recommended by my uncle) that I find very helpful with my walking. I have regained my ankle movement but it is not yet strong enough so I bought it and I think it is absolutely brilliant. It was a bit dear but affordable and really efficient. It looks like this:



I am not in anyway connected to Amazon or any of the companies providing this product. Please talk to your physicians or your health consultant before making any purchase.
If you are interested you can go to Amazon and search for ” foot drop assist”. Then different brands will appear.You can choose which one suits your budget. 🙂

I am not in anyway connected to Amazon or any of the companies providing this product. Please talk to your physicians or your health consultant before making any purchase.

Recovery Update and Some Tools

It’s been quite a while since I updated my recovery status because I was so preoccupied with great things happening in my life but I would like to share that I have come a long way from the last time you saw me here….Let me show you a short clip of how improved my walking has become and after wards share some tips as well, on how I achieved it….

Since WordPress won’t let me post the video here I’d uploaded it in youtube and you can see it by clicking this link, I made it short so I do not bore you. This short clip clearly shows how much improvement I have in my walking. I can now walk outdoors without my cane though my ankle has not fully recovered its strength just yet.. I will discuss about that later on in another post about foot drop but for now let me tell you what I think has helped me so much to regain my leg, arm, and shoulder strength.

I am talking about this stationary bike from Amazon which I really consider a good buy. When I came to England I still couldn’t walk without a cane on rough, uneven surfaces which made it difficult for me to walk outdoors even with my stick plus I was kind of getting flabbier. My therapist suggested that I lose weight for faster recovery so I decided to get this as I cannot do heavy exercises just yet and it is too cold to go for a walk out.Besides I had this portable stationary bike when I was in the Philippines which I also used back there but it had no caloric meter. I have to say that this really helped me in a great way especially that I spend a day burning 1000 calories, that is about 3 hours on it…. It is easy to use and you can do it while watching , surfing the internet, or just reading….I strongly recommend you to purchase a stationary bike.

Stationary Bike with Caloric  meter

For my fellow survivors in the Philippines you can purchase the portable stationary bike at Lazada for just about 600 to 700 pesos and that is cash on delivery. I am not sure if they deliver in Amazon there but you can try. If you are not keen to shop online, you can ask your therapist where you can get one.For those who might be interested you can click the picture below and it will open the Lazada page where you can place your order.

I was also fortunate enough that my husband, who is also a stroke survivor as well has purchased a TENS machine which I also found effective in stimulating the nerves and enabled my arm and shoulder to move better. You can order one from Amazon or E-bay. In our case my husband bought the Beurer EM 80 which I think is absolutely brilliant because there is an option for massage. I am not quite sure if you have any idea about TENS yet but I will get into more details about it on another post later on. This is an image I grabbed online.

Beurer EM80

For my fellow survivors in the Philippines you can also find similar machine in Lazada.

Disclaimer: I am not in anyway connected to any of this companies who sell these machines and I am just sharing my experience with their satisfactory products. You are not obliged to purchase any and I am not held liable for any problems that may arise related to the use of the products. Please consult with your physician or therapist before making any decisions.

Lastly I recently joined a body toning class once a week for an hour. I find it really helpful especially the core exercises. I do not strictly follow all the movements but I try to do them as much as I could and the result is just brilliant.

I hope that these tips will also be helpful to your recovery and if I could do it, why can’t you!? ‘Til my next post!


I’m Back!!!

It’s been a while since I updated this blog and finally I am able to get back!
Something big happened a couple of months after starting this blog which has changed my life entirely. Indeed Miracle is real as it happened to me in a very short period of time! Please excuse me if you do not believe in God, but I lift up all the glory to Him and I believe that all this great and wonderful blessings I am experiencing right now are all His doings.
To begin with, I am married. I got married in July 22nd this year which is a big surprise not only to my family but to me the most. I met this good man in a stroke survivor group who was an avid fan of this blog… We started talking and before we knew it we were already saying “I do” in front of the Judge.We then decided that I move to England to live after the wedding and we immediately processed my papers.By the grace of, God I got my Visa in less than a month and came to England on the second week of September on the same year. Great things happened so quickly and I had to stop blogging for a while until I am finally settled and able to write again.
So why am I sharing this? Because if good things happened to me after a massive downfall in my life because of stroke, I believe it could happen to you as well… Just hang on in there and don’t lose faith in God!