Humor and Laughter Help Stroke Survivors Succeed in Rehabilitation

A sense of humor can be priceless when it comes to rehabilitation. Research shows laughter can reduce pain and ease recovery. And humor is one of what many of us need to get our life back after suffering a stroke.

Here are a few jokes I have gathered and I will add more in the future!
Laugh your heart out fellas!

=>I had been feeling depressed since I suffered a severe stroke which paralyzed one side of my face. To cheer me up my mates took me to a comedy club tonight.I had a right laugh.

=>I had an argument with a stroke victim, it was pretty one sided.

=>Playing charades is a bad time to have a heart attack.

=>Those people who say that “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, have clearly never arm-wrestled a stroke victim.

=>I dropped on to one knee in front of my girlfriend, I looked into her loving eyes and whilst taking hold of her delicate hand muttered the words that reduced her to tears.

Sources: Mary Free Bed- Rehabilitation Hospital, Sickipedia
“Dial 999 I’m having a stroke.”
==>>Courtesy of Sickipedia

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