Miracle Drug!

Post-stroke disability represents a major public health problem throughout the world. Current drug treatments are grossly inadequate. The world stroke research community recognizes the urgent need for improved stroke treatments.

In February 2011, rapid improvement in cognition; improvement in chronic neurological dysfunction; and reduction in chronic, intractable post-stroke pain was noted among a series of three patients treated off-label 13, 25, and 36 months after stroke with a single dose of etanercept, administered by perispinal injection. Onset of clinical response was evident within 10 min of the etanercept dose in each patient. Each patient received a second perispinal etanercept dose at 22–26 days after the first, which was followed by additional improvement.

In December 2012, an observational study of 629 patients treated off-label with perispinal etanercept was published. The study included 617 consecutive patients treated a mean of 42 months following stroke (‘the 617-patient stroke cohort’), and 12 patients following traumatic brain injury (TBI). Statistically significant improvements in neurological and cognitive function and reduction in pain were noted in the stroke cohort. Perispinal etanercept produced rapid improvement in a variety of chronic post-stroke neurological dysfunctions. The 2011 and 2012 etanercept post-stroke studies are designated herein as ‘the etanercept stroke studies’. Perispinal etanercept for post-stroke neurological dysfunction was invented and pioneered by the senior author. Perispinal etanercept for this indication has been explored clinically nearly exclusively by the senior author, his colleagues, and a small group of independent physicians who have trained in the perispinal etanercept treatment method. The etanercept stroke studies are previously published studies of the senior author and colleagues.

The controversial and incredible new therapy that can reduce the effects of a stroke in just three minutes. Watch as Linda Lumbra, a stroke victim — trapped inside her own body — is CURED in just three minutes!

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Sources:PMC – US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, Youtube

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