Joke Joke Joke! ;D

My wife was forever texting me at work with pointless trivia such as: “I’m at the supermarket!” or “I’m going to visit mother now!”
So I was horrified one day when she broke with tradition and texted “I’ve just had a stroke.”
I jumped up and raced home, breaking speed limits and running red lights until, 10 minutes later, I burst through the front door.
“Are you O.K?” I panted.
“Yes, fine,” she said, sitting there with the cat on her lap.


I was chatting up this woman and her daughter in a bar last night. I asked her where her beautiful accent was from. The woman stared
at me for a while.
Then her daughter told me that the reason her mother talked like that was because she had a stroke a few months ago.


My wife was in bed all alone, quietly reading a book. So I crept in and shouted, “Boo!”
She said, “Bloody hell. I almost had a stroke!”
“That’s encouraging,” I thought.

Source: Sickipedia

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