Needed this video this morning….

Read the story of a fine international flight attendant who is also one of us, a survivor! She is now back to work but taking things slow to recuperate from overworking herself in the past. She said neuro plasticity has also helped her a lot on her recovery! A living witness of how effective brain plasticity is in rehabilitation and recovery! Very motivating lady is she!

Single On The Run

Ive listened to that first piano song every single day I woke up, in massive pain aches and unable to move my body in full motion without help, to face another long, slow, morning routine of rehabilitation 5 years ago to which I had no clue to where it would take me or if ever it could…

Vision impairement, range of motion greatly limited to half of my body, massive headaches, feeling my head crushed under undescribable tons of pressure and constant burning sensations, skin numbness, afraid to choke on my own saliva and each single one of my breath from my paralised vocal chords, I WAS afraid, REALLY afraid; still AM at times now.

Ive wanted to pull the plug so, sooooo bad !! I even asked for it to be done !
I remember screaming and crying uncontrollably at my mom accross the room that I didnt care…

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