Johnny Brower’s Story

One evening, I came home from work early,something I don’t usually do and I was sitting on the bed I scream the loudest scream my wife said she ever heard from me and I went to the bathroom to throw up because I felt sick and my head was hurting really bad so I ask her for water and she said I couldn’t hold it so I went on to the bathroom and threw up but on my way back to the bedroom I fell on my face and she couldn’t pick me up but I was alive and she called for help and the ambulance came to take me to the hospital my wife told me I pulled every tube out of my nose and mouth, so they had to restrain me to the hospital bed and put me to sleep and 10 days later I woke up to see her walking in the hospital room , I ask her why was I there and she told me the worse answer in my life ,that I had a stroke. but by then I had surgery due to bleed on my brain and I didn’t know that because I was put in a coma so I could have the surgery and she was with me in the hospital for 10 days because she wanted me to see her first when I wake up but I didn’t know any of that until I ask her why was I there and that was actually the first time I ask her why was I there. As you can see,  right now I’m off track with my story because its so hard for me to remember what happened first second and so on but I piece it together the best I can to tell you my story and after about 20 more days of my wife pinching me on my left side to find a nerve one day she knew she did when I said what the hell you do that for and she called the doctors in the room and told them and they told her it’s time to move me to a rehab hospital and I was moved with her still by my side she followed the ambulance to another county from where I had the surgery and stayed there every day with me other then to drive home to bath, and our home was across a bridge something she never drove across alone because I was always the long distance driver but now my wife is the only drive and not because I can’t drive but because I have fear of driving now 3 years post stroke and I also have fear of jogging around the track for exercise I just fear I might fall or hit someone because I lost some site on my left side and just fear a lot like I’m a little boy again all due respect but like I’m not the man I was.
I just tell as many people I know to eat healthy food stop drinking soda, stay active, and keep positive people in their life because negative people bring stress and stress bring high blood pressure that can give a stroke and kill I am a lucky one that God gave a second chance at life I am a messenger now.
He is. God knows men walk the wrong path and when you are young men you walk the wrong path until a good woman guide them on the right path I know that when I was 18 and got the right woman to guide me because she didn’t want no boyfriend that hang in the streets and I’m still with her today and my childhood friends are doing bad because they never got the right girlfriend. not all of them anyway just a few of us was blessed with the right girl that want a good boy to grow to be a man. I tell every man that I talk to if you have a good woman don’t let her go and trust and believe the women of the world are the back bone of the family, men may work to provide for the family but it was always the women who took care of the family just look back from grandma, mom, and the sisters in the home they have the children and raised them to be men and women even though some get confused by not knowing what sex they want to be as they grow up but that’s another story…..
I grew up seeing and learning a lot from childhood until now and I know how it will be for a lot of the young generation if they don’t listen to the ones that was their age at one time that why I always remind the younger one I was their age before so ain’t nothing they can fool me with I been there done that.

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